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Mirror Witch Giveaway on Instagram—Win a Personalized Copy!

Updated: Mar 12

Thanks to the awesome Emily Downey over at Baking Up Good Reads, we’re doing a giveaway for a signed and personalized copy of our urban-fantasy romance debut, Mirror Witch! We’re also going to be featured on a forthcoming Baking Up blog with an author interview, in which we both ramble about found family, our writing process as co-authors, dark-chocolate brownies, upcoming Phoebe Walker books (plural!), and more!

For our KU and digital readers, this could be a chance to get a free print copy with a personal Phoebe Walker touch to add to your bookshelf—and for new readers, what better way to dive into the Daughters of Hecate world?

Read on for more about Mirror Witch and the giveaway…

After being kidnapped and tortured by a brutal werewolf pack, ordinary New Age witch Jo Murphy hasn’t known a day of peace. With the help of the goddess Hecate, she escapes—or so she thinks. Nightmares haunt her as paranoia remains her constant companion. And now, she’s developed a new power she doesn’t understand. With the pack gone, apparently by her hand, Jo should be safe, but she’s not taking any chances. When Ezekiel Booker answers the Council’s call to hunt down Josephine Murphy, he thought it would be his last job before becoming the alpha of the St. Louis pack. However, Booker didn’t account for the effect she’d have on him—or how easily she’d escape him. As he tracks her once more, he discovers she’s created a magical sanctuary and occult shop out of an old building in his territory. And it’s entirely warded against werewolves. Will Booker be able to earn her trust and uncover the mystery of her powers—and their connection? Or will Jo face the new threat of a necromancer alone? Werewolves, witches, and magic combine in this powerful enemies-to-lovers urban-fantasy romance.

Intrigued? Head over to Baking Up Good Reads’s IG to enter the giveaway in just a few easy steps:

Not sure? Why not read the first chapter for FREE to get a little taste? Check it out here:

Thanks for reading, and best of luck to all who enter the contest! We appreciate you endlessly!

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