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Love in the Time of Zombies Series

Dead Weight:
Love in the Time of Zombies

First in an exciting new fantasy series from the author of Mirror Witch!

The day Allie Dawes saves Cameron Hale from a massive zombie horde changes both their lives. Allie’s been alone in a bunker for over a year with only a goddess to talk to, and Morrigan isn’t much of a conversationalist. Cam’s riddled with grief and PTSD, his only goal to get back to the family he left behind. In Allie’s bunker, the powerful mutual attraction between these two touch-starved people quickly turns their relationship physical—and the emotions that bind them are too powerful to ignore.


Cam’s bond with Allie feels right in a way that nothing else ever has, and when he finds out Allie gets prophetic dreams from a goddess like his foster mother, he knows that she belongs with his family. With him. Allie is heartened to learn that Cam and his family are part of a larger community of settlements who are trying to make sure humanity doesn’t lose this one-sided battle with the undead. She feels ready to join the world outside the bunker—especially if it means staying with Cam. But finding Cam’s family is just the beginning of their journey, and Allie is shocked to discover that her gifts might be the key to unlocking why the world ended, if she survives long enough to find out.


It turns out that staying together is easier said than done when between Cam, Allie, and their future lie a few too many secrets, a boatload of trauma, a scientist with a murky agenda, a predatory survivor group, a few Old Gods, and vast numbers of uncannily evil zombies. And that’s not even counting that weird dream all the survivors are remembering about the malevolent giant shark and the pilot fish…


DEAD WEIGHT is a steamy fated-mates fantasy romance set in the zombie apocalypse. It has the vibe of THE WALKING DEAD meets THE STAND as written by ILONA ANDREWS and is perfect for Z NATION fans who wished the show had more sex scenes.

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